Ginny Togrye

About Ginny Togrye

Sculptural Painter

Sculptural painting is reminiscent of a frieze, relief sculptureas seen in architectural elements in ancient Greek and Roman buildings. It is also similar to Impasto painting, a method of that involves thick paint application to a canvas or board, as used with many impressionist painters.My art is visually dynamic and is meant to be touched. I have had a lifelong passion for art and it’s creation is a euphoric transporting experience.  My hope is to convey this passion and joy to my audience. I am thankful for the opportunity and time to experiment and play. My sculptural painting technique was developed from my influences as a sculpture minor at university and my love for painting and color. Although I have great freedom in my schedule, I am very regimented and disciplined with my hours, allowing time to be a student learning new things and techniques. Currently this involves a clay sculpture class, to complement my current work. I draw inspiration from life and travel; trying to view the world differently, frame those things with my eye uniquely, and take lots of pictures for reference.  The tools I use for sculptural painting are modeling paste, acrylic paint, palate knives, cake decorating tools, clay tools and dental tools.                                                                 615-403-7161

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